Composer:   Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Publisher:   Carus-Verlag
Edition:   40.185/03
Voicing:   SATB
Setting:   Accompanied


Lee Nelson
St. Cloud State University 2007
R&R Chair College & University

This is the final work in a series of seven virtually unknown 19th century chorale cantatas composed by Mendelssohn. Inspired and modeled after the chorale cantatas of J. S. Bach, Mendelssohn’s cantata provides a lush and dramatic 19th century harmonic language vividly depicting Luther’s paraphrase of Psalms 12 and 103. The cantata is divided into four separate movements and runs approximately 14 minutes. It can be performed with an orchestra or simply with keyboard. I would recommend programming it on a concert with a Bach cantata (perhaps BWV 2, Bach’s setting of the same text) which will highlight the striking similarities and innovations Mendelssohn brings to the chorale cantata form. If you enjoy the choruses in Elijah or Paulus, you will love this hidden gem.