Category:   CHILDREN & YOUTH
Composer:   Karl Jenkins
Publisher:   Boosey & Hawkes
Edition:   10473
Voicing:   SSAA
Setting:   Accompanied


Elizabeth Eickhoff
St. John’s Boychoir 2002
R&R Chair Children & Youth

To quote the composer: “These pieces are written in the European classical tradition but the vocal sound is more akin to ‘ethnic’ or world music. The text was written phonetically with the words viewed as instrumental sound, the idea being to maximize the melisma (an expressive vocal phrase) by removing the distraction of words. The sound is universal, as is the language of music.” Both of these pieces are very straightforward with simple harmonies and rhythms, and a text which is easy and enjoyable to sing. This allows the singers to sing in a very expressive manner. The flexensemble package allows the conductor to duplicate all the parts as much as needed, which, as the name implies, gives so much flexibility to adding to these very simple songs. The music has been arranged so that even a small number of parts will provide an effective performance. The keyboard, which provides harmonic support, is doubled as the other parts are included.