Category:   TTBB CHOIRS
Arranger:   Douglas E. Wagner
Publisher:   Heritage Music Press
Edition:   15/2622H
Voicing:   TBB
Setting:   Accompanied


Michael Culloton
Concordia College – Moorhead
R&R Chair TTBB Choirs

This arrangement of a familiar Welsh folk song could be one of the perfect scores to have in your folder early on in the year. It includes unison singing that will help you work on a unified tone, and plenty of two-part and three-part textures as well. Every singer will have their turn with the melody, and the harmonies are predictable enough that you’ll be focusing on musical expression in no tuime – and there’s lots of expressive singing to be had in this work! One of the most difficult things to teach young singers is how to sing with a sense of sustained line, and this arrangement will help your choir develop that skill. You might consider working on phrasing and sustained line simply by having all the men sing only the melody from start to finish, while gradually introducing the harmonies as you go.