Composer:   Pedro Gutierrez
Arranger:   Angel Sauce
Publisher:   earthsongs
Edition:   S-37
Voicing:   SATB
Setting:   Accompanied


Kathy Romey
University of Minnesota, 1996
R&R Chair College & University

Alma Llanera (Soul of the Plains) of Pedro Elias Gutierrez is one of the most popular Venezuelan songs. It became so popular that it is considered a second national anthem by the Venezuelan people. It is a joropo, a typical Venezuelan dance rhythm which is based on the simultaneous combination of 3/4 and 6/8 meter. It is usually performed during celebrations accompanied by the cuatro (a small guitar with only four strings), a diatonic harp, and maracas. This choral arrangement contains the rhythmic elements in the tenor and bass and can be sung effectively a cappella.