Composer:   Cory Johnson
Publisher:   Pavane Publishing
Edition:   p1327
Voicing:   SATB
Setting:   A Cappella


Patti Stoddard
Hibbing High School 2008
R&R Chair High School Choirs

Dawn Brooks, one of the translators of this text, describes Rumi’s life as filled with travel, the study of Sufi religion (a mystic brand of Islam), and a remarkable insight into the human experiences of love, friendship, the evolution of the soul, and the search for higher meaning. This piece describes a transcendence of the body into a spiritual plane. It begins with an opening baritone solo reaching out to the Divine. In ABA form with tempo makings 136, 96 and 136 respectively, the choral parts include rhythmic chant over and under the melody and slower block chords in the center section describing the text of self examination. Hand drum.