Category:   CHILDREN & YOUTH
Composer:   Timothy C. Takach
Arranger:   Timothy C. Takach
Publisher:   Timothy C. Takach Publications
Voicing:   2-Part
Setting:   piano, drum, and body percussion


Marie Scholtz
Meadowbrook Elementary, Plymouth Congregational Church
R&R Chair Children & Youth

Did you know that Minneapolis Public Schools commissioned a Somali choral piece for children in 2016? Yes indeed! Poet Ahmed Ismail Yusuf’s text is about the joys and challenges of finding a new place to call home. The music is modeled after folk dance tradition, and oozes rhythmic gesture and Somali singing tradition. You’ll see part-writing in chest-voice range, call and response structure, and a body percussion pattern that is sure to hook your singers. It is vital that all singers in our choirs recognize themselves in what we do. Speaking personally, I know my Somali singers have recognized my intentional choice to include them in what we are doing in choir this year.