Category:   CHILDREN & YOUTH
Composer:   Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory
Arranger:   NA
Edition:   Self-published
Voicing:   Two Part
Setting:   Accompanied


Aaron J. Carpenter
Land of Lakes Choirboys
R&R Chair Children & Youth

Based on a true story of a girl lost during the raid of her village, this song teaches of hope and perseverance. When we performed it, we substituted soprano recorder for an oboe. As with most Caldwell and Ivory pieces, this is a stunningly beautiful song. The lessons learned are not merely musically-based, but real life lessons. Musically speaking, this is a great way to introduce the battle of two against three. Since it does tell somewaht of a story, I would work hard on enunciation so the message of the song is not lost in the beauty of the music.