Composer:   Huddie W. Ledbetter (Lead Belly)
Arranger:   Moira Smiley
Publisher:   Moira Smiley Music
Edition:   ASCAP
Voicing:   SSAA
Setting:   Body Percussion


Sheila Shusterich
Ordean-East Middle School
R&R Chair Middle Level & Jr High

Body Percussion sequence created by Evie Ladin

Scored for SSAA, I find that the young men in my choirs can easily access the S1 line down the octave, or mix-n-match the S1/S2 lines on the A & B sections. The body percussion sequence is fun! It takes a bit of practice to internalize, but it adds so much to the performance of this song. The energy is contagious and the overall result is a lot of fun while singing and performing this song! It is a great choice for tying-in a lesson about Lead Belly (1888-1949), too! Love the cross-curricular connections.

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