Category:   ETHNIC MUSIC
Composer:   Rafael Trinidad
Arranger:   Diana Syrse
Publisher:   VocalEssence Music Press, distributed by Graphite Press
Voicing:   SAB
Setting:   Piano, Marimba, Two Guitars


Carole Whitney
St. Paul Como Park High School
R&R Chair Ethnic Music

Diana Syrse composed this piece for the Community Chorus of Mexico City and, when Ms. Syrse was a composer-in-residence for the VocalEssence ¡Cantare! project, it was performed in that concert.
This is a common folk song in the Michoacán tradition and there are ample opportunities on YouTube to see and hear some traditional performances of the piece. The 6/8 meter alternates between the flow of a doted-quarter receiving the beat and the feeling of 3/4 time. The baritone part is for changed voice but is doubled by the alto. It’s a great piece to get some older beginners singing. It also could be sung by only Sopranos and Altos. If you don’t have two guitars and marimba, never fear. This can be performed with piano only.


Original Post Date:   05/21/2018