Category:   SSAA CHOIRS
Composer:   Francisco Nunez
Arranger:   NA
Publisher:   Hal Leonard
Edition:   CME 48002920
Voicing:   Two Part
Setting:   Accompanied


Angela Mitchell
Stillwater Area High School
R&R Chair SSAA Choirs

The Credo is a call and response movement of Nunez Misa Pequena. An alto or soprano soloist can sing the beautiful opening. The piece transitions to unison choral singing of the response, followed by a second statement of the call in two voices before the soloist once again has a turn with the response melody. For the final sections, Treble II and III sing the call in two-part counterpoint while Treble I sing the response as descant.

This piece lends itself well to a beginning women’s choir. Beautiful unison vowel sounds can be trained in the opening melodic line. The melodies are haunting and the singers latch on to the piece immediately. Because both the call and response are short and accessible melodies, pitch learning comes quickly. I suggest a recording of the piece by Spivey Hall children’s choir on their CD “Homeland.”