Category:   TTBB CHOIRS
Composer:   Leland Sateren
Arranger:   NA
Publisher:   Schmitt, Hall, and McCreary
Edition:   #410
Voicing:   TTBB
Setting:   A Cappella


Matthew Culloton
The Singers 2003
R&R Chair TTBB Choirs

As I always like to include a “chestnut” or two, I offer Sateren’s full-chested piece for Male Chorus. This is a rather dated text, very robust and brazen, ending “you’ll grow ragged and swarthy, But you’ll walk like a man!” There is no dynamic indication below mezzo forte, and the score is littered with fortes and fortissimos. This is “manly” music and could be performed by any group high school and beyond. Care must be taken not to manipulate the younger voices to an extreme, tempting as it may be!