Composer:   NA
Arranger:   Matthew Culloton
Publisher:   Santa Barbara
Edition:   SBMP575
Voicing:   SATB
Setting:   A Cappella


Paula Holmberg
Minnetonka High School 2006
R&R Chair High School Choirs

Any high school choir can sing this piece, and every one should! Originally written and recorded by the folk group VIDA, the piece invites an “earthy” tone quality, which will enrich your students’ tonal pallette. “Inspired by stories of Sudanese basket weavers, this song expresses the pain and hope experienced by those in the famine of the 1980s. In the midst of hardship, a wonderful new sense of creativity emerged when women began weaving baskets as a means of survival. Central to the song is a section of improvisation over shifting chords – VIDA’s recorded improvisation is written as a guide.” Rain arrives at the end of the piece, emulated by finger snaps. Students and listeners are moved by the expressive power of this piece.