Composer: Jose Feliciano
Arranger: Mac Huff
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Edition: 08720934
Voicing: SAB


Sheila Shusterich
Ordean-East Middle School
R&R Chair Middle Level & Jr High

Also available 2-Part (08720935) and SATB (08720933)

This song ranks in the “oldie, but goodie” category. It begins in unison, but at m.16 it is in two-parts. By measure 25, all three parts are introduced. This piece provides opportunities to practice the following concepts:  4/4, key of B-flat, 1st and 2nd endings, repeat signs, slurs, D.S. al Coda, dynamic markings, and rhythm reading: tied eighth notes, and triplet eighth notes. The baritones take the melody at m.34 while the sopranos and altos sing a countermelody. This switches at m. 42. This selection finishes with the sopranos singing a countermelody while the SAB parts sing the familiar refrain. I have notated parts for hand percussion (casaba, claves, shakers) to add a little flair! The students in my grade 7 choir enjoyed performing this arrangement for their winter concert.

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