Composer:   Norman Dinerstein
Arranger:   NA
Publisher:   Carl Fischer
Edition:   CM8093-8097
Voicing:   SATB
Setting:   A Cappella


Brad Logan
Bemidji State University 1999
R&R Chair College & University

1. “Day Darken!” Frogs Say – SSATBB (CM8093) duration: 1:45 2. An Old Silent Pond – SSATBB (CM8094) duration: 2:15 3. Ho, For The Many Rains – SSATBB (CM8095) duration: 1:15 4. A Tree Frog Trilling – SATBB (CM8095) duration: 2:15 5. Frog-School Competing – SSATTBB (CM8096) duration: 3:30 6. Hop Out Of My Way – SSAATTBB (CM8097) duration: 2:15 Each selection portrays frogs in a variety of situations through tone painting, such as: onomatopoeia of “frog speech” (ribbit) through dramatic dynamic contrast; hopping via angular melodic leaps; water splashes and fading ripples by manipulating a spoken “Shh;” frog trills with subdued vocal melismas; and many others. Thrilling to both listener and performer, the set may be performed either in its entirety or excerpted as individual selections.