Composer:   Michael D. Mendoza
Arranger:   NA
Publisher:   Alliance Music Publications
Edition:   0316
Voicing:   SATB div
Setting:   Accompanied


Paula Holmberg
Minnetonka High School 2002
R&R Chair High School Choirs

Picture this: the Glory to God text is sung in Spanish accompanied by harp (piano), maracas and wood block. Mixed meter and brisk tempo create a festive, dance-like character. There is a short homophonic section where the men’s and women’s voices present antiphonal phrases (with some divisi) and a lovely slower section for a solo quartet in the middle. This “spicy” selection has a little of everything in it! By now you are envisioning a fun piece for both singers and audience. It is helpful to teach the rhythmic patterns first and consult the pronunciation guide provided in the score. This is an accessible piece that sounds difficult.