Composer: Sarah Tolar
Arranger: Rosana Eckert
Publisher: Sound Music Publications
Edition: SMP12-047
Voicing: SSAA
Setting: Level II or Level III and Rhythm Section (or Piano Only) Medium Ballad Groove


Jennifer Parker
Inver Hills Community College
R&R Chair Jazz Choirs

This beautiful song by Sarah Tolar has a singer-songwriter feel to it but Rosana Eckert adds in scat syllables and voicings that are very much jazz Influenced. The chart is listed for voices and rhythm section but it works very well with only piano as well. It will also  be as effective on or off a sound system as well. It has a soloist featured in the chart but you could easily add more voices to share the lead line. It is a wonderful opportunity to work on the blended unisons and stylistic nuance. I also love that Sound Music has made this chart available for two levels of difficulty within the SSAA category. The voice leading is very accessible and most importantly your treble choir will fall in love with the song!