Category:   CHILDREN & YOUTH
Composer:   Traditional Senegal
Arranger:   Brian Tate
Publisher:   Pavane Publishing (Hal Leonard)
Edition:   P1321
Voicing:   SSAA
Setting:   A Cappella


Deborah Lamb
Park Spanish Immersion School 2008
R&R Chair Children & Youth

The song serves as an invocation to Kaki Lambe, the masked Father of Destiny, who appears from the forest to revitalize and heal the community. “It is often sung during the harvesting of rice, and may be performed by any combination of mixed voices and percussion.” Choral parts layer in traditionally, with repetition being a strong factor. Individual parts are relatively simple with rhythmic interest that when combined create a very complex effect. It will be challenging for less experienced singers to maintain their independence. Brian Tate gives excellent performance suggestions regarding vocal tone, rhythm, articulation, percussion and form, and suggests being creative in use of the arrangement. (Moderate)

Downloadable rehearsal tracks: