Composer:   Hildegard von Bingen
Arranger:   Felicia Sandler
Publisher:   Alliance
Edition:   AMP-1005
Voicing:   SSATTB
Setting:   a cappella


Michael McGaghie
Macalester College
R&R Chair College & University

This arrangement of a Hildegard chant makes a great program opener. Following a unison statement of the chant melody, tight canons accumulate a sense of a reverberance. The polyphonic texture builds to an ecstatic climax before winding down to a quiet close.

Conductors might introduce the piece with background on Hildegard’s remarkable life as a poet, composer, historian, and mystic. The piece offers ample opportunity to practice tuning perfect intervals and the Phrygian mode’s characteristic semitones. Perform this piece in a lush, reverberant acoustic for maximal effect.

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