Category:   JAZZ CHOIRS
Composer:   Rosamond Johnson and James Weldon Johnson
Arranger:   Jarrett Johnson and Alvin Chea
Publisher:   SkyTracks
Voicing:   SATBB
Setting:   Level 3.5


Jennifer Parker
Inver Hills Community College
R&R Chair Jazz Choirs

This is an award-winning arrangement of the African-American National Anthem. This beautiful arrangement provides a great opportunity to share this important work and the social justice aspects that come with it. You will need a low bass, but just one on a good sound system will do! This is a great piece for groups that live between the realms of jazz/pop and R&B. Stylistically you could infuse more gospel elements in terms of color change and vibrato, but it must be inserted carefully as to not disrupt balance and harmonic function. Stylistically speaking, chances are good that your students will sing this easily with little instruction needed. It is short, impactful and impressive.