Composer: Catherine E. Pierson, Frederick W. Schneider, Keith J. Strickland, and Cynthia L. Wilson
Arranger: Deke Sharon
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Edition: 00154112
Voicing: SSATB
Setting: With male solo and female duet


Erynn Millard
Minnesota State University Moorhead
R&R Chair Contemporary Commercial

Available hard copy and e-print

Love Shack is a song made popular by the B-52’s and featured in Lifetime Television’s Pitch Slapped, performed by Stay Tuned. Between the three soloists and vocal parts, there are eight vocal lines to be covered (nine if one were to add a vocal percussionist).

The B-52’s are known for a rather unique sound and vocal color; this song provides an excellent opportunity to explore different vocal timbres. Students would really have an opportunity to step outside their comfort zone as well with the “wacky” quality of the spoken solo line.