Category:   SSAA CHOIRS
Composer:   Eleanor Daley
Arranger:   NA
Publisher:   Alliance Music Publications
Edition:   AMP 0599
Voicing:   SSA
Setting:   Accompanied


Sarah Gilbertson
Chanhassen High School 2006
R&R Chair SSAA Choirs

This piece is a lovely new Eleanor Daley carol with piano. This is a great teaching piece you can use when talking to your singers about form. The slection begins in unison voices singing both the A and B themes. There is a return of A in parts, followed by the return of B with a rather abrupt key change for four measures. The piece concludes with a lovely three-part canon on the A theme. The harmonies are rich and filled with tension and release. Your students will enjoy singing any vocal line of this piece and Daley suggests dividing the voices as needed for equal balance.