Category:   TTBB CHOIRS
Composer:   Michael Fairbairn
Arranger:   NA
Publisher:   Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc.
Edition:   SBMP 1091
Voicing:   TTBB
Setting:   A Cappella


Michael Culloton
Concordia College, Moorhead
R&R Chair TTBB Choirs

In December of 2012, I attended the Madrigal Dinner at North Dakota State University and heard the men of the Madrigal Singers perform a beautiful carol with a text I was familiar with because of the famious setting by Gustav Holst. To my delight, I found out the score was composed by one of the students in the choral program there, so we worked to get the score published and available to male choirs around the country and the world. It is a true carol in that a rerain keeps recurring so you get the benefit of repeated music (though with slight variations as the tonal centers shift around). Much of the piece is really in a TBB setting; only for the last 12 measures does it actually divide into a full TTBB texture. The harmonies are lush, and the slower tempo allows them to be enjoyed. Michael employs the occasional 7th or 9th to add color to the harmonic palate, but does so in a way that makes them very singable by your choir. There is a short solo that could easily be sung by any of your singers in either the tenor or bass sections. The trickiest part of the piece is navigating a couple of the modulations, but this provides for some of the musical interest in the piece as well.