Composer:   arr. Yang Hong Nien
Arranger:   adapted Jing Ling-Tam
Publisher:   Alliance Music Publications
Edition:   AMP 0324
Voicing:   SATB div
Setting:   A Cappella


Rick Kvam
Choral Arts Ensemble 2002
R&R Chair Community Choirs

Here’s a chance to make a different sound, both with choir timbre and accompaniment. The pentatonic Mongolian folk tune is set entirely with nonsense syllables. Multiple appoggiaturas and nasal “ding” syllables are fun and help the choir get into the style, but are greatly enhanced by accompaniment with sleigh bells and either erhu (Chinese spike fiddle) or Chinese flute. High B and C# for soprano the last three bars could be finessed, but adds a lot. Duration – 2:00.