Composer:   Tzvi Avni
Arranger:   NA
Publisher:   Transcontinental
Edition:   99137-12
Voicing:   SATB
Setting:   A Cappella


Kathy Romey
University of Minnesota 1996
R&R Chair College & University

Mizmorei T’hilim is a grouping of three Psalm settings written in Hebrew with English translation. The first movement is a festive arrangement of Psalm 47 (Sing to the Lord) in 5/4, alternating groupings of 2 + 3 with 3 + 2. The shorter rhythmic phrases of unison and chromatic writing at the octave create an almost frenzied atmosphere of movement and praise. The second movement, Psalm 48 (Jerusalem, O City of Beauty) is slower and more tranquil, building from a soft imitative opening to a strong unison climax. Psalm 48 segues into the final Psalm 150 (Haleluyah), a 90-second song of praise alternating irregular with compound meters in an antiphonal setting of celebration and joy.