Category:   TTBB CHOIRS
Composer:   Lon Beery (text by Robert Burns)
Arranger:   NA
Publisher:   Alfred Publishing Co.
Edition:   23108
Voicing:   TTB
Setting:   Accompanied


Michael Culloton
Concordia College – Moorhead
R&R Chair TTBB Choirs

I first heard this score at the 2012 ACDA of Minnesota Men’s Chorus/Women’s Chorus Festival where Timothy Sawyer and the Northwestern Men sang it. The new melody is an earworm that will stay with you for days (right, Tim!!), and it is harmonized in a practical way that will not provide for many challenges in your rehearsals. That being said, you’ll be working on shaping a phrase almost immediately – and what’s better than that? The parenthetical (T) above refers to a tenor part that is optional and functions like a descant for most of the piece. The T and B parts sing in a duet texture that is filled with thirds. The overall lilt of this piece is spiced up with some hemiola rhythms that add a nice hitch to the otherwise expected flow of this tune in 6/8. This is another score that I recommend for early on in the year as it will teach musicality that will benefit your choir for the rest of the year!