Composer:   Annie McLeod
Arranger:   Joyce Elaine Eilers
Publisher:   Jenson (Hal Leonard)
Edition:   40215012
Voicing:   Two Part
Setting:   Accompanied


Lisa Doering
Breck School 2004
R&R Chair Middle Level & Jr High

Two or Three- Part

• This piece works well with a 5th or 6th grade goup of boys and girls, all boys or all girls. Part II lies nicely in the range of boys beginning voice change. A 5-note range but melodic, chromatic at times, good for ear development. Feels good to sing.

• 3/4 lilting melody, nice counter-rhythms between parts, comfortable ranges for both parts.

• Text: “Sing me a song of a lad that is gone, say, could that lad be I?/Billow and breeze, islands and seas, mountains of rain and sun/Merry of soul he sailed on a day over the sea to Skye.”