Category:   JAZZ CHOIRS
Composer:   Kern & Fields
Arranger:   Rosana Eckert
Publisher:   J.W. Pepper
Edition:   10845535
Voicing:   2 Part/3 Part Mixed
Setting:   Swing with Performance Track and Practice Tracks (Level 2)


Jennifer Parker
Inver Hills Community College, Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists
R&R Chair Jazz Choirs

This classic swing tune provides just enough challenge with its chord progression and melody without becoming too difficult for your jazz babies! Rosana has changed the game by providing part-dominant practice tracks and an optional performance track if you don’t have instrumentalists to collaborate with.

To help your students be successful with the scat section remind them not to move their mouths too much! The resonating space in the mouth should be reflective of the space you make when speaking. Be careful not to over energize the consonants either. It can help to assign a particular “horn” sound to the scat section to unify the concept of timbre and articulation.

Rosanna suggests using Ella Fitzgerald as a model, listen to it on the YouTube video at the link below.