Category:   JAZZ CHOIRS
Composer:   Josh Groban and Eric Mouquet
Arranger:   Anita Cracauer
Edition:   NA
Voicing:   SATB
Setting:   Accompanied


Lukas Warren
St. Francis High School
R&R Chair Jazz Choirs

If you are looking for a ballad that has a great message, that will knock the socks off your audience and that your singers will cherish for years to come, this is the piece for you. This setting of a popular Josh Groban tune includes full instrumentation (piano, horns, drums, guitar) and comes in difficult SATB, easier SATB and SSA voicing. The arrangement provides beautiful choral writing (harmonies that are approached from unison lines or scalar passages) and an opportunity to really hone in on teaching those pure, round vowel shapes we all know and love! The piece culminates with a gorgeous “oo” section that uses cascading lines that pass between all the voices and provides another stellar opportunity to teach line and phrasing to your singers.