Category:   ETHNIC MUSIC
Composer:   Akon playground song
Arranger:   Felicia A.B. Sandler
Publisher:   E.C. Schirmer
Edition:   4948
Voicing:   SAB
Setting:   Accompanied


Patricia Kasarow
Gustavus Adolphus College 1996
R&R Chair Ethnic Music

In West Africa Sansa Kroma (A Hawk Named Sansa) is sung to teach the children that they are secure in their village. The piece begins with a call and response introduction that then continues with the percussion ensemble of claves, and axatse (gourd rattle), atumpen (medium drum) or bell, and a low drum which plays a timeline and three related repeating parts throughout the song. This Akan playground song is suitable for performance by junior high and older choirs.