Composer: Catherine Dalton
Publisher: Hickory Street Publishing
Voicing: SSAA
Setting: a cappella, double choir


Matthew Culloton
Artistic Director – The Singers/
Choirmaster – House Of Hope Presbyterian Church, St. Paul
R&R for MN Composers/Coordinator: Lifelong Singing

A powerful and energetic piece with Celtic flavors, this score is meant to remind us of the light within each person. Although the double choir voicing looks daunting, conductors of advanced high school treble ensembles (as well as collegiate and community treble choirs) should take a serious look at this score. There is unison singing, stomping, vocal effects, and dramatic melodic figures. The teaching possibilities of this work are vast and students will be engaged in this work at every step. Hear a recording and see a score at as well as the composer’s website.

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