Category:   CHILDREN & YOUTH
Composer:   Joe Cox
Arranger:   NA
Publisher:   Abingdon Press
Edition:   0687345812
Voicing:   Unison
Setting:   Accompanied


Aaron J. Carpenter
Land of Lakes Choirboys
R&R Chair Children & Youth

The text is based on Psalm 25, “Show me your ways and teach me your paths and lead me in your way.” The song is repetitive adding to its mantra of preparing for the coming season. I am a huge fan of introducing mixed meters at a young age and this is the perfect piece. Dancing in and out of 5/8 and 3/4, the choristers would learn to subdivide the 5/8 measure into two beats and three beats. I included a motion of lifting to their tip-toes on each subdivision so they could feel the sub-beats. I also used count-singing to help them develop the basic understanding of the internal beat.