Category:   CHILDREN & YOUTH
Composer:   Indonesian folk song
Arranger:   Audrey Snyder
Publisher:   Hal Leonard
Edition:   08551438
Voicing:   SA
Setting:   Accompanied


Deborah Lamb
Park Spanish Immersion School 2008
R&R Chair Children & Youth

Suliram is a lovely combination of gentle, flowing melody and easily learned text in English or its traditional language. It begins in unison and then divides with the second line acting more as a partner song that can be easily learned and maintained as the melody continues. The B section moves out of the original 4/4 to 6/8 and 3/8, and may offer opportunities for solo or small group singing. The return to A offers a nicely written singable descant, and the option for a 3-part chord at the end. The accompaniment is written in ostinato patterns that could be transferred to mallet instruments for a beautiful effect. With very beginning singers, the second voice part could be played by flute, alto recorder or violin. (Easy)