Category:   SSAA CHOIRS
Composer:   traditional Hebrew song
Arranger:   Betty Bertaux
Publisher:   Boosey & Hawkes
Edition:   OCTB6193
Voicing:   SSAA
Setting:   A Cappella


Mary Jane Kane
Hastings High School 2004
R&R Chair SSAA Choirs

Have you ever had a choir that seemed reluctant to sing in more than two parts? A couple of years ago I was faced with a group of students that didn’t have a lot of confidence when we explored three and four part music. S’vivon was one of the pieces we sang that helped them overcome that fear. This song is unaccompanied; however, I used recorder and a drum when we performed it. It begins with a unison melody and then layers other melodies above and below the original. Each voice part has the original melody at some time in the piece. It is a traditional Hebrew song that depicts the Hanukka dreidel and its spinning action.