Composer:   Carol Barnett
Arranger:   NA
Publisher:   G. Schirmer
Edition:   HL.50601113
Voicing:   SATB divisi
Setting:   Harp


Rick Kvam
Choral Arts Ensemble
R&R Chair Community Choirs

Carol Barnett has created a playful, witty setting to match the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore. She explores the sound world of Northern India, with its ragas (scales) and talas (beats), intermingling it with her always-interesting Western harmonies. Those harmonies are quite manageable, and the harp part is not difficult, but the overall musical effect is unique and fresh.

Tagore’s little story, gently chiding us all for our premature leaps to catastrophic thinking, is clever and understated. After a serenely joyous opening, the shock and the lament over the “loss” of the star is beautifully depicted musically, and needs to be milked. Then the final murmuring of the stars (set with a different rag, or scale) must reflect that “perfection continues, unbroken.”