Category:   TTBB CHOIRS
Composer:   Paul Simon
Arranger:   Mark Hayes
Publisher:   Shawnee Press
Edition:   35028191
Voicing:   TTB
Setting:   Accompanied, optional orchestra score


Randi Erlandson & Rob Hahn
Prior Lake High School Choir
R&R C0-Chairs TTBB Choirs

Mark Hayes has done an exceptional job of arranging this well-known piece by Paul Simon! By composing a more intricate accompaniment part (use of orchestral accompaniment optional) and writing complex harmonies, Hayes has managed to give the singer and listener something unexpected and unique with this arrangement.

Before teaching this piece to an ensemble, it’s important for the director to do score study and identify any and all instances of dissonance between parts in order to bring a higher level of awareness and more keen sense of intonation to the ensemble. Taking the time to tune each chord is well-worth the effort to ensure intonation and balance are achieved. As is the case with many choral arrangements of popular pieces, there are some rhythmic surprises that differ from the original version which will require special attention by the students; therefore, highlighting those at the onset of the learning process is important so they are learned correctly and bad habits are not formed. Utilize count-singing as a possible way to teach and encourage accurate rhythmic execution throughout the song.

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