Composer: Antonio Carlos Jobim
Arranger: Dave Barduhn
Publisher: Sound Music Publications
Edition: SMP18-003
Voicing: SB
Setting: Level 2, Bossa Nova


Jennifer Parker
Inver Hills Community College
R&R Chair Jazz Choirs

I was very excited to see someone of Dave Barduhn’s arranging caliber bring us a two-part jazz chart! Another bonus-this particular tune could be done with any number of singers and still sound great. The song provides a great introduction into the harmony and voice leading of jazz (more chromaticism) without overwhelming the students. The rhythmic feel of this song is the key to success. Be sure to study the length and articulation of notes from the great Brazilian solo singers like Antonio Carlos Jobim. The intervals in the song can be tricky but it is a wonderful opportunity to grow your students’ ears and work on the technique of tuning difficult leaps! Tie in intervals and ear training and you’ve got a music theory lesson for your whole choir. The lyrics can feel a little a little bit odd for students to relate to at first but they will hear the message in the music itself. I interpret it as a celebration of life and the wonder we can find in the magnificent and the ordinary each day.

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