Category:   CHILDREN & YOUTH
Composer:   Bob Chilcott
Arranger:   NA
Publisher:   Oxford
Edition:   BC220
Voicing:   SS
Setting:   Piano


Marie Scholtz
Meadowbrook Elementary, Plymouth Congregational Church
R&R Chair Children & Youth

When I see a piece written for SS, my children’s choir spidey-sense goes on high alert! As children’s choir directors, we should always be looking for ways to build equal and versatile voices in our ensembles. Too often, pieces written for children force us to divide our singers into two separate groups (high-low, soprano-alto) that turn into permanent pigeonholes and end up limiting our singers. Of course, these part distinctions are necessary for most traditional harmony and part-writing, and many directors rotate their singers to have them experience high and low parts, but when a composer presents an equal-voiced part-song, we should check it out. Bob Chilcott’s three lively song-riddles are not explicitly solved in the score. Could make for some interesting rehearsal time! These songs present interesting rhythms, canonic entrances, and smart part-writing that is accessible for young singers. (The answer to the first one is DANDELION. That’s all I know for sure…)