Category:   CHILDREN & YOUTH
Composer:   J.S. Bach
Arranger:   NA
Publisher:   E.C. Schirmer
Edition:   2506
Voicing:   SA
Setting:   Accompanied


Aaron Carpenter
Land of Lakes Choirboys 2012
R&R Chair Children & Youth

This duet from Bach’s Cantata No. 78, Jesu der du meine Seele, is a great way to introduce Baroque music to your treble singers. With melismas dancing through both the soprano and alto lines, the text by Johann Rist is set in motion. The German in the first part of this work is accessible due, in part, to its repetitive nature. The “B” section creates a bit more of a challenge not only musically, but also textually. Still, this selection will help your singers grasp the styles of the period and introduce them to one of the great masters.