Category:   JAZZ CHOIRS
Composer:   Goldmacher/Eldridge
Arranger:   Peter Eldridge
Publisher:   SkyTracks
Voicing:   SSATB
Setting:   Level 3


Jennifer Parker
Inver Hills Community College
R&R Chair Jazz Choirs

This is hauntingly beautiful and remains very true to the original recording. The arrangement introduces the duet, originally sung by Peter Eldridge and Becca Stevens in the soprano and tenor parts and adds in the bass and alto in such a way that students will feel confident managing the dissonance. The song should be sung lightly, with little vibrato and conversational diction. It is a lesson in restraint and phrase shaping. I love this piece as a learning tool for tackling contemporary jazz harmonies. Because the song is not shifting key centers, you can actually solfege this chart with your groups easily! (jazz miracle!) The only non-diatonic notes occur in the already established duet in the tenor part and move chromatically for ease and beauty! As with all tight, contemporary harmonies it is important to find the “fighting” notes and rehearse them with an emphasis on creating equal dynamic footing. All you need is a piano!