Category:   TTBB CHOIRS
Composer:   Norman Luboff
Arranger:   Dan Davison
Publisher:   Walton
Edition:   WW 1373
Voicing:   TB
Setting:   Accompanied with flute or clarinet and percussion (congas, maracas, clave, and bass)


Randi Erlandson & Rob Hahn
Prior Lake High School Choir
R&R C0-Chairs TTBB Choirs

“Yellow Bird” is highly accessible piece for a young TB choir. Ranges are highly attainable for both voices and include rhythms that are repetitive and easy, yet introduce important concepts such as basic syncopation. Use of flute or clarinet and auxiliary percussion provides a stylistic component that truly enhances the feel of the overall piece.

When learning this piece, emphasize the importance of singing in unison. Also, it’s beneficial to teach all students both parts in order to help them understand harmonic relationships regardless of which part they sing. Solfege is an excellent tool by which to learn this piece because it allows students to learn to hear several different types of intervallic relationships. For example, both descending and ascending 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths happen frequently in this song and therefore, teaching the student to identify them both by sight and sound is an important skill that will help them be more successful when learning and performing this number.

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Performance Link: